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Working at Incubyte

Careers Playbook

At Incubyte we strongly believe in finding the right talent, helping them to unleash their maximum capacity, and then getting out of their way to let them do what they do best.

The people who make us what we are, are a group of super-passionate individuals who are proud of the way they work. These highly driven individuals own the whole DevOps pipeline and are evangelists of extreme programming principles.

One of the many common threads that bind each one of us here at Incubyte, is the thirst for continuous learning and constantly up-skilling ourselves. Be it deepening our knowledge in our field of expertise, or widening our knowledge base to include even more feathers in our cap. The founders and other senior members personally commit to the goal of up-skilling the newer team members and always strive to help them to reach their individual maximum potential.

Work hours

For our team members, there is a freedom to pick their own work hours, with a promise that they will be available when the Company, clients, or your team members need them. There is an agreement to the fact that accountability is towards task completion and not based on the number of hours put in. Our team members are known to get so engrossed in a particular flow that they would be working on it because the problem is so interesting vs. just to deliver a solution.


We understand that our teams work hard and deserve time off. We do not believe in stringent leave policies and offer freedom to take time off as and when necessary. The only requirement is advance communication so that the managers and team members can plan accordingly. We trust our team members to be reasonable and responsible in doing this and will always be honest about the reasons behind taking time off.

Personal values

The Company holds each one of its employees to an extremely high standard on personal values. Individuals are expected to imbibe the following core values:

  1. Honesty & Integrity: always be trusted to be real, honest, and genuine. Candour is highly appreciated and feedback is always cherished
  2. Accountability & Ownership: do whatever it takes to get the job done, take initiatives to overcome roadblocks, and always follow through on commitments made
  3. Respect & Discipline: be respectful of all people and facilities of the Company and behave professionally at all times
  4. Continuous Learning: eager to learn and sharpen your existing skillset and will continue to do it always
  5. Hold readiness for training, activities, and sessions as per business needs.

Benefits of working at Incubyte!

  1. Holidays & flexibility of working - We offer as many holiday days our people need in addition to national holidays, as long as they are responsible about taking the days off. We’re also flexible with how our people manage their time and believe in self-driven work as opposed to rigid structures. Workations are not only allowed, but encouraged as long as your work quality is maintained

  2. Pensions and tax benefits

  3. Home Office Fund - A budget allocated for each employee to set up their home office comfortably. We help you to be your most productive self

  4. Remote - Incubyte being a fully remote organization, is open to pan-India hiring.

  1. Learning pool budget - As long as the course is relevant for the company and you’ll do a lightning talk on the subject, we’re happy to help pay for it

  2. Lightning talk - We do monthly lightning talks where different speakers do 5-15 min presentations on a single topic, example, idea, project, or technique. Meant to invoke interest, and to quickly introduce people to a topic

  3. Books and reading list – We have a growing list of recommended books to read that will keep you up to speed on the latest developments

  4. Bookclub - We have a monthly book club meeting where one or two team members talk about the latest books they have read or books that have stayed with them over a period of time and there is an open discussion around the subject or subjects

  5. Autonomy in working

  6. Medical and accident coverage

  7. Laptop hardware is provided to all our employees as per their configuration need

  8. Welcome Kit with Incubyte merchandise

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